Newfoundland & Labrador Police and Peace Officers' Memorial Association

2009 Clarenville Police and Peace Officers’ Service and Parade

Submitted by Correctional Officer Elywin Burke (H.M.P.)

The Clarenville and Area Police and Peace Officer held their 7th Annual Parade and service in memory of all officers who lost their lives performing duty in the Province of Newfoundland & Labrador on Sunday September 27 , 2009.

This years parade was under the command of RCMP Retired Sgt.Al Bert and consisted of RCMP , RCMP Vets , Military Police , Dept.of Fisheries and Oceans , Office of the High Sheriff and H.M. Penitentiary , HMP Vets and Forestry Resources and Agrifoods.

Color Party Members were Cpl.M.Sheppard M P 9 Wing Gander , Cst. O. Whiffen RCMP and Cor.Off.K.Drodge HMP. .

Approximately 30 officers took part in the service which was held at the Salvation Army Islandview Citadel in Musgravetown and conducted by Major Rex Paddock..

Honourable Ross Wiseman Minister of Business and MHA for Trinity – North brought greetings on behalf of the Government of Newfoundland & Labrador and thanked the officers for the work they perform daily.

Mayor Melvin Humby brought greetings from the Town of Musgravetown.

RCMP Sgt. D.Hains Clarenville read the Honour Roll Call and Cor.Of.S.Michelin read a prayer during the service.

Officers laid individual black memorial ribbons on a Forage Hat and Bible opened to Psalm 23 at the altar in memory of their fallen comrades.

For further information, please contact:
Correctional Officer Elywin Burke
N.L.Correctional Centre for Women
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